Harrington Farm Wedding : Gordon + Laura : Utah + Destination Wedding Photographer

Good morning lovelies! It’s been a minute since I’ve blogged.. probably because I’ve been editing nonstop day and night these days haha. It’s been quite the year already with so many wonderful couples and it’s just the beginning! I’m so excited spring is just about to hit and wedding season will be in full force for several months! But today I’m blogging these two darlings. I’m absolutely blown away by these two and their kindness and general wonderfulness! I was lucky enough to meet Laura early last year. I seriously CANNOT believe their wedding day has now come and gone and they’ve now been married for 1.5 months! We photographed their engagements last fall here in the Utah mountains, and their wedding was held at Harrington Farms in Princeton, Massachusetts. Princeton is an itty bitty little town in central Massachusetts, nestled among tree groves and the feel of a New England countryside. I visited Salem for a day while I was in town and when I mentioned Princeton to the Salem and Boston natives, they actually didn’t know where I was talking about! I was like.. yep, I promise, it’s this cute little town just a couple hours away haha. I feel like I need to go back and visit in every season now! I imagine Harrington Farms is beautiful now matter what season it is, but for a late winter wedding, it was PERFECT. Cozy and rustic and very New England-esque, I couldn’t describe a more fitting vibe for a winter wedding. I’ll be eternally grateful to these two for letting me fly out and photograph their wedding, it’s something I’ll treasure forever. I really don’t get to travel as much as I’d like for weddings, mainly due to scheduling conflicts or due to being previously booked, so when I get to travel, it’s just THAT much more meaningful.

The wedding day started off at the hotel where we were all staying, so I captured a few hair and makeup photos there with the girls. We then headed off to the venue! I captured the venue setup and then joined the girls and the boys while they had their final touches of getting ready. We then headed out to do a first look and some bride/groom photos and group photos prior to the ceremony (THIS IS EVERYTHING, TRUST ME, DO IT THIS WAY IF YOU CAN!!). We went back inside to warm up and prep for the ceremony. We were able to go back out and capture some sunset photos as well, which was fantastic! Then we all ate, partied, danced and mingled the night away. There was not an official send off, so I wrapped up by capturing the dance party and the ambiance of the nighttime venue.

If you want to see these cuties’ engagements, click here. Otherwise, scroll away to see a peek at their wedding day!