Silver Fork Lodge Fall Wedding : Paul + Kelsey : Utah Wedding Photographer

Happy Wednesday loves! I’m super excited to show off this autumn wedding from Silver Fork Lodge in Big Cottonwood Canyon today. These two came to Utah to have a destination wedding, although they did have some family here, they are actually from the Pacific Northwest. I’m very grateful that I not only get to go to destination weddings, but also I get to photograph so many destination weddings for couples COMING to Utah. Not many Utah residents realize how many couples from all over the country fly here to have their weddings.. but it’s true! And they’re typically always at locations in the mountains like Silver Fork Lodge, Snowbird, Alta, etc, etc.

These two chose to have a very intimate, private wedding with their nearest and dearest. I honestly love when couples keep the guest list a bit smaller so that they can actually hang out with each and every one of their guests. So often weddings have such a large number of guests that the bride and groom barely have a chance to say hello to each person, let alone have a conversation! They also opted for a very casual ceremony- They both decided to pin flowers on their parents in the lodge, then they headed out to greet guests. After some time, they gathered guests to the lawn and they walked to the alter together. The ceremony was short and sweet and afterwards, we photographed just a few family photos, couple photos and then they had some drinks and signed the marriage license. Mingling, dinner and dancing followed and since they were staying the night at the lodge, their was no official send off.

These two were also so sweet and sent me a recipe book from one of the vegan restaurants they visit often in their hometown. Which means I now need to visit that restaurant in person.. hint hint! Anyone tying the knot in Seattle?? ;)

Alright, let’s get to some photos! By the way guys.. Big Cottonwood Canyon in September is what dreams are made of.