Snowy Tibblefork Engagement : Michael + Audrey : Utah Wedding Photographer

Good morning loves! I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying all the rain we’ve been getting the last couple days! Snow is fun too, if it isn’t 0 degrees. This snowy session happened to be one of the warmest days so far this year.. and it was FABULOUS. I was bundled up expecting it to feel like I have frostbite after.. but I was legit sweating by the end. And it was one of those sorta sunny days, you know, very light clouds that basically create beautiful art in the sky!

Anyhow! These darlings are tying the knot in just a couple of months. They were so sweet to watch together and SO willing to walk through thigh high snow many times! Adventurous couples like this make shooting in snow so very wonderful! Let’s take a tiny peek at their photos..