Lakeside Engagement Session : Ben + Stephanie : Utah Wedding Photographer

G’morning lovlies! I am super excited to show off this darling couple’s engagements this morning. I photographed them just last week and we totally hit the jackpot for the most amazing September evening you could ever dream of! I also hit the client jackpot with these two because not only are they so darn photogenic (I mean, just look at them!) but they are such sweet and fun and down to earth people. They adventured with me through wide open fields of green with speckled autumn colors in the backdrop (they’re there, just look close!) and through a sandy beach with Utah’s iconic mountain backdrops. Fun fact- These two will be getting married on my and Alex’s wedding anniversary! Only, they’ll be tying the knot in Florida, and we.. well.. tied the knot on a cold, December day in Orem, Utah. One sounds much warmer! I think y’all know how much I DON’T love winter, yet Alex and I got married in winter hahaha. I’m a total weirdo and while we could have waited until the summer of 2010, I have a thing for numbers and really wanted to get married in 2009. So we were married on December 28th, 2009. Ok, that’s probably enough story time, let’s take a little peek at Ben and Stephanie’s photos!