Huntsville Utah Lakeside Wedding : Josh + Annie : Utah Wedding Photographer

I'm often asked if I travel for weddings. Lucky for me, I'm able to take on as many destination weddings as possible and I've been able to shoot in so many incredible places. That also means I travel throughout Utah as well. For my Utah weddings, I seriously shoot 99% of everything in the northern portion of the state.. hint hint to those tying the knot in southern Utah ;) 

So this wedding in particular was held in Huntsville. If you don't know Huntsville, you should. It's a small town quietly nestled next to Pineview Reservoir, just east of the Ogden Valley. It's so quiet, so well-kept by it's residents, and so dang beautiful. I had no doubt in my mind that Annie and Josh's wedding was going to be out of this world gorgeous, just from the moment she told me where it would be held. Not only was it held in this magical little town, but it was held at two places close to Annie. Her grandparent's home for the ceremony and her parent's home for the reception. I don't know what I need to do in my life to be able to have some property next to a lake in a quiet town, but if you know, please divulge any secrets! 

Now for Annie and Josh. When I met them, I was blown away by their kindness. They are both so down to earth and wonderful! I honestly cannot rave about couples like this enough. They held their ceremony facing the mountains during the early morning. (Also, YES to morning ceremonies! I've always loved them so much!). After the ceremony, we had a break during the day and continued the reception that evening. All the details were so well thought out and brilliant. Ok, truly, I'd could go on and on about these two so let's just stop here and I'll show you some peeks of their day!

Oh! One last thing.. Annie's dress. The details and lace were jaw-droppingly gorgeous! Alta Moda seriously blows me away every time with the dresses they carry. That's were Annie found her gown. ;)