Provo Springtime Engagement : Jordan + Amberley : Utah Wedding Photographer

Well this session started off with a pretty funny moment. Literally 10 seconds after we got out of our cars to start our session.. we saw this weird fog looking stuff over the mountains in the distance.. yeah, that was hail. It came our way and it keep going for about a full 60 seconds before stopping completely. We got out, started shooting, had MAYBE 2 minutes of a slight misty drizzle, the sun popped in and out a few times. There's a big reason why I LOVE spring rainstorms. Everything turns emerald green afterwards! Don't believe me? Just look at these photos! I didn't touch up any of the greenery, promise! Also, these two are pretty much the cutest around. Amberley's sweet laughter and smiles when she looks at Jordan is the sweetest thing ever. I absolutely love how these two interact, you can see the love in their eyes and on top of that, they're super duper fun to photograph. Ok let's take a little peek at some photos!