Forest Tibblefork Engagement : Trey + Adriana : Utah Wedding Photographer

So I have to admit.. I've basically been living in the mountains lately for all my sessions! Literally all of my darling clients have been digging the mountain vibes for their engagements this season.. And that's just fine with me! Sweet Adriana and Trey brought their darling little girl to take a few quick photos with them during their engagements. She's been helping them tons with wedding planning and was super excited she got to be a part of it! Also, aren't her and her momma just straight up twins?! Anyhow, I couldn't be more excited for this wedding. They'll be tying the knot at Wolf Creek Resort later this year and it's going to be STUNNING.

Ok, let's get to some photos! (Also, I just realized I'm so out of order with blogging hahaha. Oops! Everything will get blogged eventually) ;)