Do's + Don'ts - Adding Filters To Your Wedding Photos : Utah Wedding Photographer

Morning folks! It's a gloomy, rainy Thursday and now that wedding season is so close, there's a little topic of discussion worth chatting about! What is that you might ask?

I think we should chat about a hot topic that's running rampant for lots of newlyweds or almost newlyweds. Let me start out by saying.. I know how incredibly excited couples get when they see their photos. Whether it be their engagements or wedding photos, it's an adrenaline rush as they look through and relive one of the most special days of their lives. Trust me, from a photographer's perspective, I am just as excited for them. I've been culling and editing images for weeks before couples get to see all of their photos, so I myself am beaming with excitement for my couples to see their images!

I spend hours, days and weeks, editing images and making them look their absolute best! Each photo is a part of me and has my heart in it. From the moment it is captured on camera, to the moment it's perfected in post-processing, to the final moments when my client views it, it is near and dear to me. You might think.. EVERY single photo can't hold that much meaning to you. But you'd be mistaken. EVERY single photo I take, is like a little piece of treasure that I hold near and dear to my heart. So with that said, you can probably imagine how heart shattering it can be when I see my images with social media filters on them. Heart broken. I'm very lucky that it's more of a rarity that my own clients do this, but it does, and has, happened. It's true, apps have so many crazy, fun, pretty, stylish filters available. But aside from the fact that it's against my contract to add filters to my photos, why ruin a professional photographer's work by adding one in the first place? Now call me crazy, but I would assume most couples choose their photographer because they adore their work, their shooting style, their editing style? So just do us photogs a solid, don't add filters to our work. Be proud and make sure your professional photos are #nofilter.

Disclaimer: This is in no way taking about any of my clients specifically. Yes of course I've seen some of them do it (tsk, tsk) ;), but every single day I see other photographer's work loaded with filters as well. Yikes! It's 2018 people, we need to give credit where credit is due. Whether that be actual photo credit (@ambershawphotography) or credit by not bombarding professional photos with filters.

Now, here's some pretty photos to look at. ;)