Late Autumn Engagement at Wheeler Farm : Randy + Michelle : Utah Wedding Photographer

First off, how weird is it that it’s been snowing like crazy the last week, yet it’s still not truly “winter” yet?! Anyhow, these two darlings opted to shoot their session at Wheeler Farm in Murray. We managed to shoot on a day that was sunny and warm last week.. yep, JUST before all the snow! It could not have been better timing! They also wanted to bring their fur children along to be a part of some photos. All three were the sweetest and cutest bundles of fur! Also, this was the first time getting to photograph a cat at an engagement session!!

Ok, we also need to talk about their wardrobe. I’m still blown away by Michelle’s darling outfits and honestly think she should be a wardrobe stylist! Randy opted to wear one outfit for the duration of the session, and because it vibed so well with both of hers, it works out perfectly! This is what I try to convey to all my couples. Vibing well with your partner’s outfits, while staying true to your own style, but playing it up a bit and not being afraid to take chances is what it’s all about! I’ve seen so many couples choose outfits that are WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY too casual. There two are a perfect example of WHAT TO DO and what to aim for- a mid-point between casual and super fancy. Does that even make sense?? Anyhow, let’s get to some photos because I’m obsessed.