How Quickly Do I Need To Book My Wedding Photographer : Utah Wedding Photographer

Happy Monday! Well, despite the fact that’s it’s.. bleh.. MONDAY, I am happy that it’s the last work week before I have an entire week off to end the year! And by OFF, I really just mean no sessions or weddings. I’ll still be checking in on emails and clients so don’t fret!

Because Christmas and New Year are just around the corner now, I know so many of you are going to be getting engaged (if you aren’t already!). I also get this question ALL THE TIME. “How quickly do you book up?” and also “how soon do you recommend we book?”. I cannot stress this enough. As soon as you have two things- 1) Your date and 2) Your venue (or location) you need to book with me. Why? Well, once January arrives and bridal show month happens, dates book FAST (yes, there are THREE gigantic bridal shows I attend each January. The SLC Bridal Showcase at Mountain America Expo on both January 4th and 5th and again on the 25th and 26th; As well at the Grand America Bridal show on January 19th!). How fast? It’s very hard to predict when a specific date will become booked, but I’ll tell you this- On numerous occasions, I’ve met with couples about their date, and later that same day, another couple called and secured that same date with me over the phone. I hate having to turn away couples because their date became booked, I wish I could take on ALL of the weddings! Which I why I can’t stress enough to book ASAP.

How do I do bookings? Through email, over the phone, at a bridal show or even at a cafe over coffee.

Wondering more pricing or package details? Click the Pricing tab here on my website. Those packages are all pre-made and my most popular packages over the years! I also do custom packages if we need to alter things a bit, so just submit an email through my contact form and we can chat over the details!

What’s your deposit? It’s 50% of your package, so it’s dependent on the package. The remaining 50% is due 2 weeks before your wedding date.

When can you book your sessions (which are included in my packages)? The sooner the better! Again, dates book fast, so I always recommend setting up sessions in advance as well. If something came up like you were sick or it was down pouring rain on the day of the session, it’s easy to reschedule.

Want to chat with me about your wedding? Let’s do it! You have options. Emailing me through my contact form is easiest, or you can give me a ring. If you want to meet face to face, let’s set up a coffee or tea date or plan to come see me at one of the January bridal shows! (I’ll be the one at the bright rose-gold sequin backdrop booth!).