Sundance Engagement Session : Gordon + Laura : Utah Wedding Photographer

GUYS! I’m excited to show off this seriously ADORABLE couple today! So I’m gonna give you some backstory.. We initially planned to shoot this session in the high Uintas. That was.. until we were literally driving up Mirror Lake Highway and were notified of a wildfire. Um.. why was this not on the news?! It was during the same time that the Utah County fires were happening, but still super crazy we had no idea. We were positive and thought “oh we’ll be totally ok once we get higher up in the mountains”.. UM NO. It was raining ash on us and I seriously could not even breathe in the car. We pulled over pretty quickly and decided to enact a plan b. So we quickly headed back down the canyon and went to a location with fall colors, mountains and pine trees.

It all ended up working out! But, CAN WE PLEASE TALK ABOUT THEIR SWEET PUP REMY?! They adopted him from Rescue Rovers! You guys know me, so this made me incredibly happy. And if you didn’t already know this.. ADOPT, DON’T SHOP for the love. Buying dogs from breeders is not cute when there are millions of cuties like sweet Remy that need homes. Ok, had to! Let’s get back to these two cute humans.

So these two are tying the knot in the Boston, Massachusetts area in early 2019 and I am so dang excited! I’ve never been to the Boston area specifically so I’m crazy excited to explore. Many people wonder and ask if I do destination weddings, and the answer is YES, POSSIBLY. I try to do as many destination weddings as possible, but they take many more days than a typical local wedding. If I’m available, you bet I’m going! If you do hire a photographer to travel to your wedding, you have to make sure they’re experienced. Many young, new photographers think it’s easy to travel and shoot weddings, but they don’t realize how much goes into it from accounting for travel delays, traveling and flying with not only your equipment but backup equipment, etc, etc. Just my two cents!

Ok, let’s get to some photos. ;)