This Is The Place Heritage Park Wedding : Mitch + Alexis : Utah Wedding Photographer

Good morning! Are you guys super big fans of Thursdays like I am? I love them because the light of the weekend is almost upon us.. although.. It’s not like I have “normal” weekends like most people. Fridays and Saturdays are big wedding days! But Sundays are fantastic because I get to volunteer with my hubby. If you follow me on Insta, you obviously know this because I post loads of cute fuzzy rescued animals every week!

So let’s chat about Mitch and Alexis! Things that stood out to me about their wedding (or just them in general)- They go out of their way to be amazing people. They have seriously the most wonderful families. Alexis’ dress was what wedding dress dreams are made of. They had a donut food truck at their wedding. The sunset at their wedding was orange and red and looked so amazing (I mean, it was because of all the fires, but it was still a super pretty sunset). And finally, I’m already missing shooting with them. :( They tied the knot this past July at This Is The Place Heritage Park, specifically the Garden Place building. They really had such a beautiful wedding and I’m so grateful I could meet these two cuties and their families! Let’s get to some photos!