Wildflower Bridal Session : Whitney : Utah Wedding Photographer

Let's take a little trip back to early summertime, when everything was green, wildflowers were popping up, and spring rainstorms were a daily occurrence. Which brings me to my next topic- This beautiful bride has one of the most amazing personalities. When we photographed her engagements, we experienced some of the strongest wind I've even seen. We switched locations in hopes of less wind and found it, but we swapped out the wind for rain. Despite the rain, her and her now hubby embraced it and we had the most amazing session! Fast forward to her bridal session, not even joking, but somehow the crazy wind followed us to this session as well. We took just a few photos before quickly deciding to head to the mountains to escape the wind. We made it just in time! The skies were dark and gloomy, but we managed to photograph the rest of the session without even a drop! Anyhow, I'm super excited to show off a few photos from her gorgeous session. Her florist was Artisan Bloom, her makeup/hair by Sicily Bowman, and her dress is from OffWhite Bride aka Bridal Expressions.

If you want to see their engagements, click here!

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