Summertime Bridal/Groomal With a First Look : Joseph + Hannah : Utah Wedding Photographer

Morning! Let's take a little stroll back to late summertime. These two lovelies were an absolute joy to photograph! They were married last fall (look for that post soon). Hannah and Joseph love the outdoors. They even had a forest vibe for their wedding, which, is completely fitting given that we live in such a beautiful state! When we photographed their engagements, we definitely nailed that forest vibe. If you want to see those, click here! We switched things up a little bit for their bridals/groomals. We photographed them in nature, but instead of pine tree forests, we got wide open fields, tall grass, and that incredible SUMMERTIME vibe. Also, that stunning gown?! Yeah it's from Mary's Bridal. The detailing is gorgeous and looked so wonderful on beautiful Hannah. Also can I just say.. HAIR GOALS. Look at her long gorgeous locks! Ok, ok, let's get to the photos!

Louland Falls Wedding : Jason + Corinne : Utah Wedding Photographer

Good morning and happy Wednesday! Guys, I am seriously getting so excited for my upcoming 2018 weddings. The days are getting longer, the temps are getting higher, and spring is just around the corner. In the spirit of warm temps and wedding season headed our way, today I'm blogging this gorgeous Louland Falls wedding. As you probably know if you follow me, I shoot MANY wedding at Louland Falls. Each and every one turns out beautifully and it's always an exciting day for me when I know I get to shoot next to red rocks, waterfalls and couples dancing under string lights!

When I first met Corinne and Jason, I knew we were going to get along fabulously. It's not all the time that I get to shoot a fully vegan wedding, and this one was sure one for the books! If you don't know, I myself am vegan. While the majority of my wonderful couples always provide a veggie-filled yummy meal for me at their wedding, it was super fun to be able to gorge on a million different things at Jason and Corinne's wedding! Ok, ok. I didn't gorge the whole time haha. I can definitely say this though- If you want a vegan or vegetarian based menu for your wedding, Culinary Crafts ROCKED it. Not only was it so delicious, but such a gorgeous meal too.

Janelle Ingram beautified the already gorgeous Corinne, but her hair and makeup were definitely on point. Janelle is my favorite!

Poppy and Bloom Floristry transformed the space with tons of color and texture and the most beautiful flowers!

Passion Flour Patisserie crafted the beautiful cake.

Oh and did I mention Corinne wore a Justin Alexander from The Brides Shop?! Yeah, I don't know if this wedding could get any better. Let's take a peek into their day!